• Andrés Fernández

    Free Surfer

Granito de Arena

Get to know Andres and his project Granito de Arena to rise awareness of the pollution of the ocean.

TedX Talk

For those who speak spanish, take a look at Andres TedX Talk.


“Do it for passion feels good, but we need to be more inteligents.”

Andres Fernandez was born in Ecuador with a strong passion and love for the ocean. He started to surf when he was 5 years old and later became six times national surf champ in his country, Latin America’s top 10 and now he is a free-surfer for Billabong International. He is entrepreneur and eco-activist, 3x TEDx Speaker and father of a cute little girl and boy. Apart from surfing, Andres worked as a General Creative Director in an Advertising Company and won international Awards in Cannes, Fiap and Ojo de Iberoamérica. But for him, that’s not enough. Andres stands up for the protection of the beautiful world and tries to rise awareness of the increasing pollution of our oceans. That’s why he created a foundation called „Granito de Arena“ together with two friends, where they try to use surfing to educate children about the pollution of the ocean. His big dream is to experience the day this problem does not longer exist. That’s why Andres is the perfect match to be a Bloodsister Ambassador.

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