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Sibo in Action

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“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard, and sacrifice, and above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.”

Donovan Bailey

Born on Mai 9th, 1986 Sibos personal adventure started in a township in East London, South Africa. Due to a pretty much non-existing infrastructure back then properly flowing water was not available to the inhabitants of the townships. Each morning, even prior to school, Sibo had to run 10km to get some water for his family. Some might feel that his has been a tremendously exhausting task, but it lead Sibo’ to his number one passion: running.

Eventually Sibo moved on to Dunoon, a 40.000-person township in Capetown, where he’s currently occupying a hut, so small it’s not even rated a single “room” in European standards. Like many other townships Dunoon faces lots of issues caused by poverty, excess of population and violence. Space is rare, for people and dreams.

Despite all these unfavorable factors Sibo’s passion for sports became the central theme of his life. In addition to his daily training sessions Sibo works in a local sportsshop to financially support his family. Furthermore he frequently leads training units for local kids and teenagers to keep them away from drugs and gangs.

Sibos neverending motivation and drive has already led to a long series of success listing over 9 victories in local trail running marathons within the last two years with a current record of 21km in 65 minutes. And we are sure that there’s way more podiums to come!

Sibo’s Support Team

“Alone we are strong. Together we are stronger.” Each of our talents gets accompanied by a personal mentor, who supports them in reaching their lifetime dreams. Ideally each mentor would be a professional within the area of the talents need with a strong network and a bunch of tips&tricks to share. Being a mentor does not focus on the active execution of the profession only but mental support as well. There’s still free spots in the team. If you feel you would be the perfect match for the team and able to support Sibo gives us a shout!

Alister DreamWilder
Sibo's trainer and mentor

Alister DreamWilder is Sibo’s trainer and mentor as well as ambassador of the Bloodsister Foundation. Being a professional ultra trail runner himself Alister has got the know how and network to assist Sibo on his way to success.

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