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“Whatever you do and however big your dreams may be, they will never materialise without Passion, Love and Hard Work. How badly do you want it?”

There is no better service than saving another mans life. Ryle is an Entrepreneur and life guard. He left the main stream desk job to pursue his own passions and this resulted in a company being formed where they manufacture customised training equipment solutions.

You can always find him outdoors trekking through nature and reveling in its beauty. Among many other ventures both in business and sport he has actively been involved in lifesaving since the age of 9 voluntarily giving up his time to serve and protect cape towns beach coastlines. What started off as a hobby soon turned into a passion when he comprehended the true value of being able to protect and save someone’s life. This resulted in him realising a great passion for the sport of lifesaving, a now international sport consisting of many disciplines it installs the value of being fully balanced and capable in all facets of not only sport but in life too.

His respect for the ocean has grown more and more as he realises how easily it can be taken for granted. The gratification of successfully helping others has far outweighed any other feeling achieved from activities elsewhere. This is what steered him towards where he is today utilising as much of my free time as possible to employ the experience and skills he has developed over the years to assist in both personal and athletic development especially within youngsters where there often seems to be a lack of this positive influence and direction. He has been blessed enough to travel the world representing his country and in doing so he has achieved numerous world championship titles. He hopes to further this experience and these achievements as he continues to pursue new challenges and take on another massive year of international competitions leading up to world champs.

Ultimately his goal would be to harness as much of my experience and achievements to not only prove what obstacles can be achieved regardless of the economical challenges a lot of us face today in our country but also ensure as much of this knowledge gets passed on and shared to collectively uplift the entire movement.

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