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    A non profit organization that support socially disadvantaged people from around the world with outstanding athletic or creative talents to reach their goals and become professionals in their field.


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About Bloodsister

„Bloodsister“ stands for a close, personal bound between two human beings. More than just a friend a bloodsister is your life mate,loyaly supports you in all terms and is family apart from family. Based on these principles the Bloodsister Foundation accompanies, develops and supports exceptional, creative and sportive talents from deprived backgrounds around the world to reach their life time dream. By personally supporting, mentoring and training each talent, we provide them with the right tools, knowledge and contacts to reach their final goals or a professional career in their field.

In close cooperation with local organisations and educational instiutions we are scouting and contacting potential talents to evaluate if and how we will be able to sustainably support them. Personalized coaching and individual development of goals coordinated and led by a team of experts of each necessary field as well as the talent’s participation at programs of our own educational Bloodsister Academy allow a targeted promotion of skills.
To be admitted to the Bloodsister Foundation one has to obtain an outstanding talent in a creative or athletic field. Furthermore the organisation focuses on persons, who are not able to unfold their own talents due to their economical and social environment. Proactiveness, ambition and a strong will are precendent conditions for receiving our assistance. We are convinced that single people can do great, but together we can make a change!

Sibo’s Progress

The bar below is a live update on Sibo’s progress and dream. Each step takes him closer to the finish line. When clicking on Sibo’s subpage you will be able to follow his development and needs via the frequently updated blog and instragram posts.


Who is Bloodsister?

The body and mind behind Bloodsister is named Sandra Birklbauer. A young, austrian photographer with a vision. The vision to make the world a better place – little by little.
Due to her job she’s seen and experienced many parts of this world already, both good and bad. Many travels and projects from Costa Rica to Cape Town laid the foundation to Sandras idealistic view of the world and strentghened the idea that everybody has the opportunity to change the world to a better place by taking the first step. Sandra took the first step and accompanies others on their journey from now on. Step by step.

Martin Klinger
Head of our Climbing Team

Martin’s potential lies in educational and sports activities. That’s why he took over the training of our children’s climbing team.

Sandra Birklbauer
CEO, Producer

Heart and Brain of Bloodsister. Visual Storyteller, adventurer, professional photographer/videographer and passionate in making the world a better place.

Stefan Tröls

The bloodbrother in our team and master of numbers, who ensures that all budget will be used to the max.


“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”
“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”

John Wesley

It all started with a inner sparkle in 2012. A year full of changes, a time to move on and set sails to a new ground. A 4 weeks trip to Costa Rica turned into the base of a new life.
Drift away, meet new people, move on to Panama and Nicaragua – on your own, without any spanish skills. An adventure at it’s best. Consequently resulting in increasing curiousity and craving for new adventures, new cultures and new projects soon.

2014 – the next level. 9 weeks travelling in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia – a life-changing decision and the first collaboration with local NGOs. This time better prepared with extended spanish skills at least.
The new tasks consisting of supporting local charity projects and producing professional photo and video content lead to a bunch of new contacts and a different view on the world. Whoever has been close to misery yet knows well that you cannot just walkaway and lead a normal life again. You’ll sustainably change by the experiences made and shift your personal priorities to a new order. Consequently the next came up in March 2015. Next stop – Capetown! New projects, new NGOs. After she accomplished many successfull projects Sandra could have stopped and move on for good, knowing she’s done a lot in the last years. But she stayed. Inspired by the people she met in Capetown and all their hard work she developed a new idea: To accompany people on their way to their lifetime dream, provide them with new perspectives, a chance and most of all the trust in oneself and the strength to act out of one’s own initiative. This day Bloodsister was born.