Today we would like to introduce you to a wonderful woman named Birgit.

Birgit Palma is amazing, as a human being and with arts. She’s a freelance designer, illustrator and art director hailing from a small village in Austria. After graduating in graphic design and venturing into the creative world she has been working for well known agencies like ‘Vault 49’ in New York and ‘Vasava’ in Spain. At the moment Birgit enjoys the vivid life of Barcelona and enriches her client’s world with awesome designs, which can be seen in her brilliant portfolio as follows:

Despite being a successful creative, she’s got a lion’s heart as well:
Birgit is the creator of our beautiful, first Bloodsister Limited-Edition T-Shirts, which will dress our team at the upcoming Wings for Life World Run event in May.

Get your hands on these pieces of art asap as they are limited to 200 pieces only!
With the purchase of each T-Shirt you are supporting Sibo on his way to reach his lifetime dream! What a deal!
Of course all our tshirts are organic and fair trade by the way.

Ready to order a limited Designer shirt made by Birgit? Send your name, size and shipping details to and our team will get back to you asap.
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