Bloodsister goes print!

We are proud to present our first media coverage, a background story about Bloodsister, our mission and the people behind it.

It is both a thrill and an honour to be announcing our first media coverage with regards to the Bloodsister foundation.
This is just another feather in the cap for an organization that has a clear vision to make the world a considerably better place.
An interview was undertaken with a local newspaper , Tips, herein an insight was given as to the preliminary stages of our mission but more importantly the inspiration regarding how the organization came about. It also contains what the near future holds and the passionate goals which we are looking to undertake this year.
Due to the nature of the organization a vast majority of our work is required to be done behind the scenes however it is overwhelming that our message still comes across so personally.
The most thrilling part of this new adventure is that we have merely scraped the surface, we plan to keep our feet grounded and just revel in the success of future prospects as we accompany each one of them on their epic journeys while documenting their achievements for the world to see and be inspired but in the same breath realize that the sky is the limit.