Unbelievable, but true, Bloodsister is turning 1 soon! On the occasion of this anniversary we had a Bloodsister Event on the 11th of November in Sandras Hometown Kefermarkt where we showed some impressions of our work.

Sibo, Alister and Siviwe took part – but only virtually. They spoke about our cooperation and enjoyed the exchange with our austrian audience. The little language barrier was no problem, people asked many questions and the guys tried to answer every single one with a lot of patience.

A big thank you to all our supporters who helped to organize our event, like the Kefermarkter soccer Club for providing the Sportstüberl or the diligent confectioners for sweetening our evening.

The big interest and number of visitors were exceeding all our expectations because the Sportstüberl was literally bursting at the seams. Team Bloodsister wants to say thank you to all the people with the big heart for their generosity. It was a wonderful and very successful evening where we raised 550 Euros for the support of our talents.

You guys rock!

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