BLOODSISTER goes international! Almost all of our team recently left Austria and spread out over the globe. Rumors had it that Bella is currently exploring Chile off the beaten track. However, this doesn’t stop her from constantly keeping you up to date on all our social channels, which demonstrates her extraordinary organisational skills.

On April 1st Sandra hit the shore of Cape Town, fully loaded with 45kg of equipment, goodies for Sibo and our new Bloodsister merchandise. After overcoming a few first hurdles the team kickstarted in Cape Town in a highly motivated matter, which consequently resulted in a very efficient first week. The schedule consisted of many meetings, check up of all current projects as well as further strategic planning.

Ahead of us there’s 8 intense weeks based on a strict schedule and many goals to tick off. Apart from all the upcoming events our main focus is on coaching Sibo. Within the upcoming weeks we’ll provide him with all the knowledge he needs to get another step closer to his dream.

Due to that we’ve recently launched our newest project called “Bloodsister Academy”. This academy offers various workshops and coachings, specially customized to the needs of our supported talents or groups, which are organised and run by our team, mentors and partners. We’re kicking off the new academy with Sibo for now, but will include various local groups in the near future. Below you’ll find a quick introduction of Sibo’s first academy sessions.

Lesson 1 “Power food for athletes”
We kicked off with a workshop in sports nutrition and took Sibo to the local organic Oranjezicht Food Market to introduce him to all power foods that would fuel his body for an effective training.

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Lesson 2 “new daily life routines”
This workshop consisted of the intregation of all new knowledge into Sibo’s daily life and adapt his personal nutrition to his sportive needs. The outcome of our session and if the team still kept all their fingers can be seen in our little video.












We are very much looking forward to the upcoming, busy weeks and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for all the positive feedack and support we’ve received so far.

Team Bloodsister