Networking is key for every business so meet ups and collaborations have been this weeks number one focus.

Pure Fusion Sports Nutrition ( sent us some products to test how we can integrate them into Sibo’s overall nutrition plan to fuel his body and mind and get him perfectly in shape for all upcoming races.

Due to the great success of our first cooking session taped on video, Athony Posemann, CEO of Univeral Vision (, offered to support our mission and join us to promote a healthy, green lifestyle. Universal Mission Universal Vision is an importer, manufacturer, supplier, distributor and exporter of high quality natural and organic nutritional and healing products, which protect, enhance and restore balance to internal and external environments.. Anthony will be part of our next cooking session and will advise us on how to ensure a proper balance of salt in our nutrition as well as special tipps for athletes.

Another week makes another team member! Two new ambassadors agreed to support and join the Bloodsister Foundation and will be fully introduced on our website as soon as Cape Town will provide us with nice weather for the photo productions.

Until we’ll be able to fully release their profiles and stories we’ll be leaking infos about them on our social channels so don’t miss out to check them frequently. First quick note: Nick’s life is all about running, Ryle has mastered his speciality to world championships.











We’ve already met dozens of amazing human beings since the Bloodsister Foundation has officially kicked off in December last year. Most of these people come across our ways by chance like Moritz, who met the Team Bloodsister at the Oranjezicht Farm market in Cape Town last week. As he’s working for a company who’s specialized in “sprouting” he’s our one stop source when it comes to eating clean and healthy and a perfect match for Sibo’s coaching. Moritz will teach Sibo about organic gardening and furthermore will support him with fresh veggies on the way.