Sibo and Hanna finished another successfull week with coaching sessions and we are more than happy to see him soaking up all infos and actively practising his newly learnt skills. One important category of Sibo’s coaching is called “life skills” and focuses on managing daily life as well as soft skills such as self confidence, discipline and even how to use public transport in Cape Town. It’s the little things that in summary will facilitate his daily life as well as support his sports career. Being more mobile and flexible will help Sibo in attending races and even appointments with sponsors or trainers, therefore Sandra took him on a day tour with the “myCity” bus in Cape Town to learn how to use the system and to provide him with his first and very own public transport card sponsored by us.











When Bella hit the shore of Cape Town last last week Team Bloodsister finally got reunited after working apart from each other for 5 months facing the struggles of non existing phone reception and constantly different time zones. Now that we are all in the same spot we are amped to work on our latest projects full speed ahead and you might notice a slight increase of photos and Snapchats of them both being on tour in CT.

To come up with another episode of our “Cooking with athletes” production all of our capetonian ambassadors, talents and partners met up at Alister’s house to exchange their knowledge about ideal nutrition and receipes for athletes. Thanks to Moritz our brains got filled with endless facts about sprouts and microgreens while Anthony pointed out the importance of electrolytes and came up with the nicest smoothie due to their amazing organic products from Universal Vision.










The most important news of the week is Sibo’s application for the world famous COMRADS ultra running competition coming up end of May. Sibo’s team is already working on training plans and doubled up efforts to ensure that he will be fit enough to join one of the hardest races on this side of the hemisphere. We are very excited and will keep you posted about his progress.