This week was all about workshops and work out.

The sk8forgr8 program pairs designers with talented youngsters to exchange ideas and co-produce artwork that consequently will be printed on skate decks, which will be sold in auction later that month to collect money for current and upcoming projects. Within the first workshop each team had to described each others counterpart in 5 words and draw a character based on these words to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Sandra joined the second workshop the other day to teach local kids about the basics of photography, the usage of light, and how it changes throughout the day. The highlight of the workshop was the give away of 5 analogue cameras that we’ve collected earlier this year, to give the boys the opportunity to cover their daily life in previously discussed angles. When receiving the cameras everyone got overexcited and one or the other shot accidentally taken right at the “test run”. The photos will get processed and discussed within the group by next week to pick out the best for an following exhibition. We can’t wait to see the final outcome as well as the world through the kids eyes.

One of our personal highlights was the participation at the Wings for Life World Run 2016 where Team Bloodsister ran over 600km for those who can’t together with amazing 48 supporters within 7 countries all around the globe. We’ve been glad to be part of such a great cause and can hardly explain the amazing atmosphere on site as well as our level of proud regarding the fact that we gained rank 69 from 2400 teams worldwide. Big props to everyone who joined us to not only top their personal fitness level but help to raise awareness and money for the cure of spinal cord injuries! Wanna join us next year? Sign up here:

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