The sk8forgr8 series continued with two workshops this week where we’ve reviewed and discussed the processed shots of last week. Due to the stunning outcome the boys received another film and new task which is to “capture things that make them happy”. The latest workshop episode was also co-hosted by a founding member of the National Skate Collective, Marco Morgan, who introduced the youngsters to the history and culture of skate boarding as well as the design and different shapes of boards within the last decades. Keen on more infos? Here’s a little interview of Marco sharing his wisdom with the world:

Seeding his future homegrown veggies Sibo was amped to learn everything about organic farming and the importance of greens during his first coach session with Moritz at the Bloodsister Academy program this week. The theoretical part consisted of the nutritional benefits of the veggies Moritz would be growing with him, namely cabbage and swiss chard, while the practical part began with a short instructional of sprouting Alfalfa seeds. Sibo learnt how to plant and water seeds as well as how to prepare seedling trays for the future cabbage and swiss chard.
Eventually he received a jar as well in which he’ll be sprouting his own seeds over the course of the next few weeks. All in all we are very pleased to see Sibo’s excitement and passion when it comes to his new tasks and can’t wait to see him enter level two in Moritz program: microgreens!

It’s been no coincidence that our latest Bloodsister team meeting took place at “House of Machines” as our brains went full speed like steam-engines. All new guidelines and workflows for the international and national teams got set as well as the new CI design applied to the aforementioned. Alister DreamWilder will take over the position of National Talent Manager for Sibongile Tshikitsha and will be fully responsible for his athletic and personal development from now on, just to mention a few changes that have been set during that meeting. Sandra is also in negotiations with a possible, new talent to be supported via our organization! Happy days! We truly hope that we will be able to go the whole hog soon and reveal all details asap.
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