If you think it would be our talents and amabassadors only, who’d push themselfs to sporty limits, you might be fairly wrong! Even our Bloodsister team is literally sweating for the best score. Like Sandra, who carried all our video equipment up to the mountains of Glencairns not only once but twice, to produce a new clip with Sibo, Alister and Derrick Baard about trail running and the essential race preparation.
All of that effort got rewarded with a brand new ambassador in our crew: Ultra Trail Runner Derrick, who will support our mission and Sibo’s development from now on.

Our cooperation with Sk8forGr8 in Capetown ended with a final auction of the unique skateboards and an exhibition of the stunning results of the photography workshop. Excellent atmosphere on site, a full house, and a bunch of great people with even greater hearts eventually resulted in an impressive turnover of 20.000 Rand, which will fully support plenty future Sk8forGr8 projects and creative workshops.

7 weeks of Capetown full of appointments, video productions, photo shootings, meetings, trainins and planning are over. Sibo’s team and network is successfully established and ready to action. This means that our core team will head back up north soonish to lead and coordinate all national teams from there. Together with our team of athletes, experts and all these great local supporters we are convinced that we’ve made a big step closer to Sibo’s dream and are especially looking forward to upcoming months!
Onwards and upwards!

One of the most frequent questions we get is how we „scout and select“ the talents who eventually get featured and supported by the Bloodsister foundation. Here’s the answer, everyone’s been waiting for: so there’s someone, who knows someone, who knows someone..
Like: Sandra. To organise shootings for her main profession (=photographer) Sandra needs to get in touch with locals and the relevant sports scene. Doing so she creates a wide network of local athletes, sports oriented professionals, people who like to talk about sports and people, who know people, who are quite versed when it comes to sports. While shooting a bmx production in Capetown last year Sandra met Werner, who’s a passionate BMX rider and an essential part of the local sports scene. A few weeks ago Werner approached Sandra to not only support the Bloodsister foundation as a whole but dropping some hints to a „secret local talent“. Who’s this talent and if we finally took him under our wings gonna be revealed on our Facebook page within the next days! Stay tuned!