Happy Birthday Bloodsister!

It’s unbelievable how time flies. On December the first in 2015 Bloodsister’s was born and introduced to the world. The idea to support people with outstanding talents from a deprived background was developed in May already, when I returned back from Cape Town for the first time.
I’ve mentioned a few times already, that luckily I didn’t know how much hard work it was​ to setup an organisation, cause I am not sure ​if I would​ ha​ve​ founded bloodsister. Good I didn’t know. Sometimes it’s better to be a bit naive, confident and just do it.

It would be a lie to tell you everything was only positive in the last year. There were many ups and downs. But it’s because of all the supportive people, who believe in me and give me courage and hope and Sibo’​s development, progress and thankfulness that keeps me going.

I found awesome people who joined the team, and we have accomplished a lot through team work. We’ve created a network where people support us with knowledge and coach our talents. We’ve got support from​ companies​ who​​ sponsor​ us​ goods to support our work.

We have built​ a solid base that should help us to achieve success in the future. Every project, as well as our talents, need​s​ time to grow and develop, but now the sails are set and a course taken that takes us to reach our goals. One of your principles is to present our work as transparent as possible and show an honest insight into our work. That’s what we did and still want to do in the future. A big thank you from Team Bloodsister and we are looking forward to the next challenge!

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges!