I’m Moritz, a 26-year-old South African of German descent. I’ve loved growing up and living in Cape Town. It’s been the perfect place to learn to connect with nature, be that either in the ocean or on the mountain. This connection has taken me on a path to explore the process of growing nutritious food, which is what my job is mainly focussed on. Looking at ways to improve soil quality, for the benefit of the plant and the ecosystem, has been a central theme in this process. Coevolving with the fascination for growing food has been my interest in eating a healthy balanced diet. This has over time turned into a passion, complemented by studies in medical nutrition therapy. I would like to use the skills and knowledge from these two areas to improve the lives of those that may not have access to fresh, organically grown produce, nor often the knowledge about how to nourish their body in the best possible way. So I thank Bloodsister for providing me with the opportunity to pursue this dream!