Everybody should have that one passion in life, something that fullfills you with joy all the time.
I discovered my passion in a very early age and I truly believe that I was born to run.
I love to run with all of my heart. If I skip practise for one day it feels like I am missing out something, that’s
why I run every single day, Monday to Sunday. My weekly training consist of 130 to 180 km.
The daily exercise makes me happy, because I feel free. It clears my mind and I feel grounded on the in and outside.
Another clear benefit of this sports is that it keeps me fit, healthy and energetic. It also taught me to gain discipline and to respect other people. Being a running athlete is not only a hobby but a true pleasure for me, it’s a goal in my mind that I work towards to and gives meaning to my life.
Running is happiness for me!

written by Sibongile Tshikitsha