Who can be a Bloodsister Talent? Which criteria do we have to choose a new talent? Can you be our next talent? This is a blogpost to sum up the hard facts about our talents.

That’s what makes a bloodsister talent!
A Bloodsister talent is a human being with an exceptional athletic or creative skill and the lifetime dream to execute aforementioned in a professional matter. But that is not the only criteria. Our talents don’t have the ability to do so on his/her own due to facing social or economical disadvantages. By offering tailormade coaching and sponsorship we support each talent on it’s way to reach his/her lifetime dream and sustainably improve personal life standards.

Summing up the criteria:
• exceptional athletic or creative talent
• socially and economically disadvantaged environment
• a lifetime dream
• passion and will
• reliability and a sense of responsibility
• a good level of communication
• shares ideal and values of Bloodsister