Early in the morning the team headed off to Dunon to visit Sibo and start with the planned production of stills and video that day. Awaiting the team at the entrance of the township he guided us to his house. Admittedly everybody felt a bit nervous and excited at the same time. We all heard of many stories about the townships and knew of the fact that I can be dangerous to enter them. To ensure to attract less attention as possible we quickly jumped out of the car and moved all equipment behind the fence of Sibo’s house. The minute I took the camera into my hands all doubts vanished and I was able to fully focus on our production. Luckily Alister accompanied us and kept track of everything around us. Later that day Sibo’s neighbour joined us and thankfully assisted with the light setup at the same time. As we didnt want to stretch everybodys patience we tried to finish work fast and inconspicuously. Throught the whole time Sibo showed a great level of professionalism and endless patience while recording one scene after the other. We don’t want to keep back the outcome from you, so go check out Sibo’s subpage for the final clip! Sibo’s Seite.